Monday, May 25, 2009

Garden '09 Pt. 2

Sometimes I forget to shout to the world just how much the great Shirley Collins ROCKS !!!

I've been listening to her 1967 joint "the Sweet Primroses", I always forget just how much I enjoy that album. Anyway here's a somewhat applicable lyric:

Cambridgeshire May Carol

Arise, arise, you pretty fair maids,

And take your May bush in,

For if that is gone before tomorrow morn

You would say we had brought you none.

Oh, the hedges and fields are growing so green,

As green as grass can be;

Our heavenly father watereth them

With his heavenly dew so sweet.

I have got a little purse in my pocket

That's tied with a silken string;

And all that it lacks is a little of your gold

To line it well within.

Now the clock strikes one, it's time we are gone,

We can no longer stay;

So please to remember our money, money box

And God send you a joyful May.

Here's what Shirley had to say about the song in the original LP liner notes:

Wherever May Day is still observed in Britain it is still fairly pagan, even though sometimes, as in this song, it has Christian bits grafted on. It's not all ribbons and blossom though, for the terrifying black hobby horse still dances through Padstow in Cornwall to welcome summer in. I learned this from Jean Ritchie, who was taught it by Rossell Wortley. I love what this song evokes so much that I sing it all the year round.

. . . And after much fallow lying, finally made some more(?) progress on the garden. Hopefully tomorrow We'll get some seeds and tomato plants to plant. And then Smörgåsbord can begin for all creatures great and small !?!

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patrick said...

...and now I'm going to check out some Shirley Collins tracks - thanks for the recommendation!