Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Curiouser & Curiouser (Epistolary Bliss Pt. 3 ... or 4?)

Again words fail? This one kind of snuck (I refuse to use "sneaked", it just doesn't sound right, correct or not?) up on me and then got shuffled into a pile desk detritus until the second biggest fan of these things reminded me that I forgot to scan and upload it. I think maybe b/c I don't quite get it and the ingenious smudge this may be my favorite one but then again maybe it's just the most recent one is always my favorite? For what it's worth as far as I can tell google Mr. Jenkins is Senior Vice President of John Deere & Co. !?!

. . . & In What's Tommy Listening to news
I snagged a copy of the leaked new Sonic Youth
album, double WOW!!! I've only listened to it
through once (and may not again until I actually buy the thing).
I may like it more than "Sonic Nurse",
which is my favorite of their recent stuff .
I almost can't believe that they are still such a vital band!

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