Saturday, September 27, 2008

While We're at it Two More Early Clips of Our Bob . . .

These two clips are from French TV in 1975, I'd love to know more about them, what the show was they were on? The two songs, "Sea Song" and "Alfib" are from Robert's seminal 1974 album "Rock Bottom", his (second) first solo album. I go back and forth w/ his first two albums, "Rock Bottom" and "Ruth is Stranger Than Richard", as to which one is my favorite. It usually just come down to the last of the two I listened to is my favorite. I believe that it's going on ten years that I've been loving Robert's work and I still haven't gotten sick of his first two albums. I remember they took me almost a year to get into but once I did, that's all she wrote.

I guess I've been Wyatting the last two days b/c of the announcement that all of his solo albums are being rereleased. I'm not so interested in that so much b/c I already have everything and then some, the two bits of Wyatt news that I'm intrigued by are rumors of a boxset (which will probably just be some discograhy but they might get to buy it just for the linernotes?), the other rumor is that he has a new album in the works for next year sometime. The new album news is always great to hear although, truth be told I didn't really care for his last one. I've tried hard to get into it but there are just no songs on it that jump out at me. I don't know, I think I like his stuff better when it's more just him doing everything on it?

The great clip of Robert doing "Shipbuilding" in the previous post reminded of a somewhat recent article I read about the history and legacy of that song, which I'm sure I had meant to do a post about after I first read it. Anyway for those interested you can find it here. And while I'm at it here is the uncut version of a very interesting Uncut interview w/ Robert from last year.

As for the sad new of the great Paul Newman's passing yesterday, I really have nothing to say. Not only do they not make them like that anymore, I don't think it's even possible!

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