Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Ozu Screencap Madness!!!1*

This is a little project that I found myself making very late last night (this morning) for almost no reason when I really (REALLY) should have been sleeping.

I've been working my way through the Eclipse Late Ozu boxset and
these images, mainly of Chishu Ryu, (Ozu's filmic doppelgänger?) are from the master's 1957 movie "Tokyo Twilight". It's kind of funny b/c this movie is actually the first Ozu movie that I've seen that I'm not completely crazy about, I found it a little bit more melodramatic than his movies usually are. That said it's still a Yasujirō Ozu movie, so it's memsmerizingly beautiful at least to me. Since I've been on my Ozu kick I've been meaning do a post about him and/or his movies, in fact the other day (week?) I was going thru the archives and I found not one but two files started for an Ozu post. maybe I'll wait for his birth/deathday?

Yasujirō Ozu self-portrait

*Somehow, all the nonsense of this post
has to do w/ my daydreaming that somebody,
(Eugene!) would get off their ass and start up
American Cinéaste already!


Anonymous said...

nice photos, vegas. did you take them or are they from another website? if you did, how did you avoid the glare?

tom nihilist said...

I took them but they are not photos, they are screen captures made by putting the DVD into the computer and using screen capture software. oh and the last picture I found on the web