Tuesday, December 25, 2007


I'm sorry but I do sort of love the aesthetics of the Lolcats meme and I couldn't help but subject our little dog to the indignities of LOL-ization . . . you know for the holidays!?!

* Inquoris would like it to be known that she finds
this image to be demeaning reactionary bullshit
and that if she would have known to what end her
image was to be used she would never have posed so
nicely for her picture to be taken. And especially that
if there were some fantasy universe where she could
actually speak, she would speak proper grammatical
English albeit w/ a cute Daffy Duck lisp.


scott said...

lolcat bible:


Monica Can Do It! Yeah! said...

i linked you to my new enthusiastic blog

tom nihilist said...

Thank you, I returned the kindness.

sillyme said...

Double dul!