Saturday, November 10, 2007

. . . It's not quite that time yet - but


I put my feet deep in the tracks that you made
Walked behind you off into the wood
"We'll know where when we get there" you said
And we both knew we would

High above like a spider
The colors turning brown
Freeways passing by us
I took your hand and we knelt down

Wheels paddle, wheels paddle
Movement as we go
Trees passing, trees passing
Signs along the road
A view thru the trees to a couple in the snow
A view thru the trees
To a couple standing in the snow

Suddenly the trees were flashing by us
Clouds reflecting fast across your eye
We turned into a frozen meadow
The wind the only sound
"We'll know where when we get there" you said
"We'll know where when we get there" you said

"Hoarfrost", a Sonic Youth song sung by Lee Ranaldo from their great 1998 album Mille-feuille "A Thousand Leaves". Perhaps my favorite Sonic Youth song from perhaps my favorite of their records. I just picked up a used copy of that album recently and have been reliving hazy memories of painting to it years ago. My joke about "Hoarfrost" is that it's the best Michael Stipe song that he never did.


jf said...

wow, i love the photo.

did you give me this album?

tom nihilist said...

yeah, the pictures great, i wish i could take credit for it.

yeah i ripped that album for you right after i bought it.