Monday, August 03, 2009

Bounty Shmounty

More squashes, I think these guys are going to be soup, creamy w/ fennel and chicken and maybe lemon.

And the other day I found this guy in amongst the tomatoes. It's funny b/c just the night before I was on the back porch doing what I do best and this huge moth flew in and was hanging out by the light. Which is a pretty common occurrence but this moth was way bigger than they usually are about the size of a humming bird but still not that odd so I forgot about it. Until the next day when I looked up that crazy looking caterpillar, it's a tobacco hornworm (often confused w/ the tomato hornworm) and saw that those type of caterpillars produce the moth that I had seen.

The business on it's back are the cocoons of parasitic wasps ouch! So I guess that's a good thing for our tomatoes?

I really need to post more pictures of the whole garden, I keep taking them but never feel like editing them down and putting them up. Maybe this week?

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