Sunday, April 26, 2009

Bea Arthur

What can I say Bea Arthur was a giant wonderful wonderful human being. The only time (that I can remember?) that I ever tried to start a secret society it was going to be called The Sons of Bea Arthurs's Dick, that name came from a monumental joke told by Jeffrey Ross ("I wouldn't fuck Sandra Bernhardt w/ Bea Arthur's dick") during the roast of the also great Jerry Stiller and the name was also nod to Jarmusch's Sons of Lee Marvin. It never really got off the ground (go figure?) but I'll always have a great love for Ms. Arthur, Requiescat in pace .

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Anonymous said...

She's one of the ladies on my "I wish they were my mother" list. Just above Lily Tomlin and just below Julie Andrews. Maybe in the next life.