Friday, March 13, 2009

I Really Shoulda Seen This One Coming . . .

. . . But not this one fast on it's heels, the coup de grâce of 'tardation!?!

I'm Truly Speechless!?!

. . . And in other news, If I ever talked shit on Mike Watt's second solo album "Contemplating the Engine Room" (somehow I feel that I have?), I take back anything that I may have said?

Nels Cline skronking it up and Watt operating the thud staff, what more do you want? I got my hands on this album again after a long while and today taking a break from my current musical obsession listening to Iggy's "Search & Destroy" over and over again(speaking of 'tardation!?!), I gave it a listen. It really is a solid album, drags at the end a bit maybe. When I was doing the Last.FM I had Watt's "Ball-Hog or Tugboat?" in the rotation and I got to relive how much I enjoyed that album. But I think I always dismissed " . . . Engine Room", I guess I'd been confusing it w/ the one after it which I remember being really boring. I'm going to have to dig that one up and give it a listen again and for that matter his fIREHOSE material as well.

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