Monday, January 12, 2009

. . . And the king of all Sir Duke!

Here's my latest Youtube movie creation abomination, I made it especially for my comrade in MR, G. over at Happy Happy Fun Time Mr. Whatever.

This thing is really all about the infamous audio track, which when we first got our hands on it, G., pretty much devoted a good six months of his life to (I wish I was joking!). But that was some time ago, why I made this now, I don't know? I wanted to misquote a line from it in a cryptic comment I left for G. over on the other blog and being nutso I needed to get the line just right, so I had to go back to the original and I figured somebody must have put it up on Youtube. And of course someone had, I just didn't care for their version and I thought I could make something a little better, plus I thought it would be mindless fun to snag a buttload of Duke Wayne pictures while singing the Stevie song who's title I stole for this project (which it was). so w/o further ado . . . SIR DUKE !!!

For some reason, again I got some video glitch in the opening frames but that doesn't really bother me. I really prefer the six minute plus directors cut, it seemed to have a more interesting flow but whatever, six minutes is way too long to devote to something so stupid.

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