Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Peep The New Tightness . . .

All's I'm Saying is —
emanating from the Ivory Basement
for quite some time in the foreseeable future!

 . . . Oh yeah, sore thumbs 
and multiple muttered "DAMMITS!"
as well!


Anonymous said...

Oh yeah, sore thumbs
and multiple muttered "DAMMITS!"

- almost like the year you got ink!

tom nihilist said...


More like sore toes, feet, ankles, and heels! She was (and still can be) bitey when all wound up!

Sunnyside Drive said...

Very tight. But don't be like Russy with it...or was that Diggy that kept breaking his unit and hiding it under his bed so Rev. Run wouldn't find it?

tom nihilist said...

OMG that crosses my mind constantly. I can really see doing that if you were a spoiled little rich kid. Or just a kid. no i'm almost more afraid of breaking it inadvertently and also when i fool w/ things like that for extended periods of time I noticed that my hands (palms) sweat profusely, which can't be good in the long run for tiny electronic gadgets?

. . . And you were right it was Russy! So cute!