Sunday, November 16, 2008

ARE YOU THREATENING ME!!! Screencap Maddness Pt. 3: The Great Cornholio!!!

Yesterday for some reason I found myself thoroughly engaged in the activity of getting semi-decent screen captures of the Great Cornholio. Right now I can't recall what spurred this on, I can remember looking up Cornholio on wikipedia (and being amazed by how wonderfully complete the article was) and the rest is a blur. I really can't explain just how genius I found the Great Cornholio the first time I saw him, words truly fail me. It was just one of those "my god, it's full of stars!!!" moments.

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Sondra London said...

Time well spent my friend! I too had that epiphany moment when I first saw the episode, and looking back thru all the memes seen since, Cornholio still shines. We need these screencaps for Discordia Prophetica. Googling Cornholio for large images does NOT bring these up, however! Wonder how to fix that.