Saturday, August 09, 2008

Here's To . . .

At least I have a ripe Tomato (and a waning case of Olympic Fever).

* Made just that little bit worse, R.I.P. Bernie Mac.


Sunnyside Drive said...

You definitely need more soil there. I thought it would've been enough, but was wrong. Also, regarding your point about this day in's also the day Jerry Garcia died didn't even mention that but I guess it might have been too much for you.

tom nihilist said...

Shostakovich and Gregory Hines also died on that day (people who I have an active appreciation of), individual deaths on the day wasn't really the point. It was more the horror/insanity of the two events that I focused on put in counterpoint to the small miracle of the tomato, kinda haiku style, 1+1=3 which I thoroughly enjoy. BM's just happened to add to the mountain of deaths, the icing on the turd so to speak. Although it was the impetus of the post, another one of my oblique "recent death" recent death posts (like the TS one).

As for the soil situation, yeah, I know but you know I'm not trying to sustain life off of their bounty. I look at them basically as flowers w/ benefits.

Thanks for the comment and sorry for my reply, lack of sleep manicness is to blame.