Thursday, April 10, 2008

In Praise of —

 . . . Just a little while ago in the short period of time b/n two blogs something fired off in my brain, and I wish I could remember what it was??? But I remembered that I had this dashboard widget called Characterpal that gives the secret keyboard combinations for writing special characters —so I could finally make '—'s instead of making ghetto '--'s in their place.   

Using two hyphens to replace em dashes (that's what '—'s are called b/c they're a hyphen the size of an 'M' ) had been bothering me for aesthetic reasons. Apparently William Carlos Williams loved his em dashes, he scatters them all over his poetry and having just transcribed a Williams poem in the post below that contains one it's been on my mind (well not really?).

I'm like a bowerbird for little bits of (somewhat) arcane knowledge, I love finally being the master of the —, I can still remember when I learned the secret of making accents (é á í ó ú) and tildes (ñãõ) and umlauts (üïëöä) back in the day  . . . wonder of wonders!

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