Friday, April 18, 2008

File Under: YAY YAY YAY REDUX!!!!

I just saw over on bitchfork that a new Stereolab album has finally been announced!!!

Talk about making my day.

now i have to wait until August whatever when it's scheduled to be released, BLERGH!?!

In truth, I'm sure in a few weeks it will get leaked and I'll be all Sophie's Choices about whether to listen to it or wait until I can actually buy it. I don't know? I'll probably just wait?

GAWD it's been so long since their last real album, I need a fix so bad! The last Monade album was really pretty good, I liked it much more than the other two, it was very Stereolabesque but nothing is like the real thing. I can not wait.

It's funny I noticed that my first 'File Under: YayYayYay' post which was written upon finding out about the new Robert Wyatt album and mentioned the possibility of new Stereolab material as well, was written almost exactly a year ago.

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