Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Can I get a w00t w00t . . . (w00t?)

I noticed that it was that time of year again, the little blog turns three!!! So, I guess that means time for a few slices of détourned Birthday Cake!!!!!!11

Like I said, I noticed that it was birthday time, this Blog's birthday is the same day as Rosie O'donnell's wedding anniversary and seeing that was what reminded me. Anyway,seeing as I finally did a post just yesterday (when it rains it pours!?!).

I was just going to let the day pass w/o recognizing it but then I got the détourned Birthday Cake idea and it gave me a chuckle so I figured I'd do one and that would be it, Ha-Ha!

Well once I began I just couldn't help myself so that is the reason for the four cakes. Too much fun. It's funny the blog's birthday was just a day or so after it's 2000th page visit, which was of course someone (I believe from Greece) searching for the clock w/o hands image I have up.

Apparently people can not get enough of that image? Whatever, I guess in my own retarded little way I'm giving back to the internets!?! I doubt I'll be getting any hits for the above images but here's hoping. The next big milestone for the blog will be the 100th post, which at my posting speed probably won't be until sometime in late august of this year.