Wednesday, April 04, 2007

You Are Wherever Your Thoughts Are*

Waiting For The Moon To Rise

All the way back home
I'm telling you I caught the sun
Creeping up behind my shoulder
And another day's begun
I was following a trail
I'd never been along before
Chasing darkened skies above me
Looking like the spring
Like the winter
And the morning
If there's a place I want to go
Then I'll be there with you
'Cos in my dreams the things
I'm wishing for
Keep coming true
Now a new day comes
Clears the darkness out of sight
And the shadows that were sleeping
Come and dance beneath the light
And I'm trying hard to hide
Keeping the sun out of my eyes
Close them tight
And now I'm waiting for the moon to rise

Don't try to say to me
That this was never meant to be
'Cos the days are long where I come from
The next few days I'm free
There's a train I want to catch
But it won't leave here for a while
Till darkness fills the eastern sky
And streetlights stretch for miles
Through the spring
And the winter and the morning

Some B & S for no particular reason, just two separate (but similar) thoughts/ideas i've had rattling around in my noodle recently. * One from an 18th century Rabbi, Nachman of Breslov (by way of the Steve Reich piece) and the other maybe my favorite line in a Belle and Sebastian song?

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