Friday, April 20, 2007

File Under: YAY YAY YAY!!!

I just read that currently the GREAT Robert Wyatt is in the studio working on a new solo album that is scheduled for release this autumn!!!

. . . Hopefully this won't turn out to be just a rumor that never materializes? . . . Well at least I can have something to look forward to for a few days until I forget about it and then remember again in a few months and then get to be happy about again, until it's next december and no word of any new Wyatt material.

. . . In other Robert (not so) news, there's this:


Recently the noun "Wyatting", named obviously after Robert Wyatt, appeared in some blogs and music magazines to describe the practice of playing weird tracks on a pub jukebox to annoy the other pub goers. The name was coined by Carl Neville, a 36-year-old English teacher from London, because one of the favourites LPs for this effect is "Dondestan".

Robert Wyatt was quoted in The Guardian: as saying "I think it's really funny," and "I'm very honoured at the idea of becoming a verb [sic]." However, when asked if he would ever try it himself, he said "Oh no. I don't really like disconcerting people. Although often when I try to be normal I disconcert anyway."

And here's another bit of Robert ephemera that I just reread and was tickled by all over again; an outtake from a Wire magazine article on the band This Heat:

The only thing I remember was Charles Hayward asked, is it a bit naff to call a record Deceit when we are called This Heat. I said no, no, do it, do it. I never have this squeamishness of the avant garde of going for the obvious. I love the obvious - thank God something is obvious in this confusing world. Of course it should be called Deceit. I did encourage them in that. They did call the record Deceit didn't they? I'm glad they did, you should never miss a chance like that. It's just an open goal. Avant garde football, you know, it's too obvious; I'll stand in front of the goal with the ball, but it just seems so naff to kick it on. No, Kick! That's a goal that's what you're here for.

Oh yeah did I say YAY YAY YAY-YAY YAY!!! already?

. . . And in other YAY YAY YAY aural goodness news for this fall, I read Stereolab are also in the studio w/ an album slated for release sometimes in September, Broadcast are currently recording as well but no word about when their new release will come out as of yet, and I just saw that Pram as well are saying now their new one is scheduled for release this October (I'm not as excited as I should be about that one b/c I found their last album to be a big disappointment). Anyways, if these albums actually come out when they're scheduled to they should soften the blow of my next birthday (great!).

. . . And while I'm all on about (new) Music that I'm looking forward to getting, there's a (coming up fast) release date (June 12th) now for the remastering of Sonic Youth's early masterpiece "Daydream Nation". I know what I'll be listening to this Bloomsday!

You're it
No you're it
Yeah, you're really it
You're it
No I mean it, you're it
Say it, don't spray it
Spirit desire (face me)
Spirit desire (don't displace me)
Spirit desire we will fall
Miss me, don't dismiss me
Spirit desire, spirit desire
Spirit desire we will fall
Spirit desire
We will fall
Spirit desire, spirit desire
Spirit desire we will fall
Spirit desire
We will fall ...

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