Monday, July 31, 2006

... More like 'King of the BullShit Guitar'! ... Look at that thing


Anonymous said...

that guitar is in your basement, isn't it american nihilist?

tom nihilist said...

GAWD! I wish it was!

. . . see the internal speaker on that one is beneath all of the strings and i'm not electrical engineer but that seems to have the making of sonic MAYHEM written all over it!

btw Hi Hadley,

. . . that is you peeping aMERICAN nIHILIST from paris france? how is it going, send me an Email or something. are you already that bored that you are looking at all of this nonsense ... GEEZ!

Anonymous said...

its df. i should have signed that. ill get a blogger account one dday so i can post in a more professional manner.

and i been this bored for years, i just didnt know you were showing dirties on the dubya-dubya-dubya.

After looking at delia's choppers i been flossing. i didn't notice the amp in the middle of the guitar, i it looked like the 'CORT' that i bequethed to you so many years ago.